Monday, December 1, 2008


We just got back from our little weekend getaway with the always entertaining Rawlings fam. We have so much fun in St. George with them, and this trip was a BLAST! We had an Amazing dinner that Marlo prepared, equipped with food that looked like it came directly off of the Martha Stewart show! I was feeling my usual prego-sickness, so I didn't get to enjoy as much I would have liked, but what a show she puts on! Suzette brought up the brilliant idea to have Madison sleep over on Thursday night, so we could go out shopping at 4:30 am!! It was quite the experience, Landon, Suzettete, Matt and I left the house and headed to WALMART! Can we say crazy! I have never experienced any shopping like that in my life! We proceeded to Krumpets(the best and cheapest decorations store in St george, think Tai Pan but more than half the price). It was as bad as walmart! But we made lots of really Great purchases and had a fantastic time! We went and saw four Christmases, which seemed really funny from the previews, but in my opinion, it was a dollar movie for sure! Later that night I got to go and see twilight again, and felt better about it the second time around!(we went to the midnight movie, and I even managed to stay awake!!) Hope everyone had a great and safe weekend!!! Now its time for the Christmas Countdown! YIKES!!

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