Friday, October 3, 2008

JUST CALL us MATTHEW and BROOKE!! (thanks mandy and nat this was fun!!)

Just call me Sicky Sickerson....

My favorite thing..this week!!

As most of you can tell, I have been a huge slacker in the blogging dept, and have not posted one post this whole entire week!!! I got a comment from Natalie saying she was having withdrawls from my favorite things blogs, so heres my new favorite thing....Sudafed Severe cold!! I have had the WORST cold this week, and for all of you who have kids, you know that when you are sick, you just keep on going, but really all I want to do is just lay down and DIE!! Hopefully I am getting over this HIDEOUS cold, but based off of the way I felt this morning, its not looking good, SO theres my update, and hopefully I will be a little more exciting NEXT week!!!

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