Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jax-man's latest adventures!

Jaxson has a new favorite food..Strawberries, one day i cut up some strawberries and let him dip them in sugar and the next thing i know he climbed on the counter and ate the whole pint of strawberries! If you look on the table you can tell he only bites them once and then moves onto the next one, but he had a major tummy ache after he was done!!

Jaxson and Dad fell asleep on the love-sac together! They play way too hard sometimes!

Jaxson has a new favorite!! He loves to be involved with anyone in the kitchen learning how to make anything that we eat!!

Along with the cooking craze...he LOVES to watch the food network!! Its so funny but he loves to see what they make and wont let me change the channel!

(WARNING: If you have a WEAK tummy dont look at the last picture!!)

Nothing like a good poop in the tub!! I swear my little boy can poop as much as a full grown adult and heres the proof!! Not something i like to clean up with my weak pregnant stomach, but i am learning to control my gag reflex and just do it!! Life with Jax is always an adventure, thats for sure!!

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