Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The first ER visit!

We had an eventful night last night, Jax was jumping on Grandma and Grandpa Karrs six foot love sak, and jumped into it just right and broke his elbow!! We werent a hundred percent sure if it was broken, but when we would move it just right, he would scream like he had never screamed before. My new insurance is not accepted at any IHC facilities so we had no choice but to take him to Timpanogos hospital. After nearly three hours in the ER(they take their sweet time) they came back with the word that he has a supracondylar fracture of the left humerus. He watched Toy Story twice and he was such a trooper, the only time he really cried was when they brought the "big camera" in to take x-rays of his arm. We have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to see if his little arm may need surgery. He is so excited for the BIG band aid on his arm, and I am shocked that he has been so good! With two boys I am positive this wont be the last time we have a trip to the ER!

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