Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm feeling extra lucky!!

Last night my Mom asked me if I would come with her to BUNKO!! I love bunko and can never turn down a fun filled night of really good food and a bunch of really fun outgoing girls who like to play bunko! My Moms best friend Mel had it at her in laws house and we had such a GREAT time! Mel always coordinates everything perfectly so we had a thanksgiving themed night equipped with a fantastic dinner and then it was time to PLAY! I was feeling extra lucky and knew I was going to have a great night! We started playing and before I knew it bunko after bunko just kept rolling on the dice! By the time the game was over I had six bunkos, which for me is usually unheard of! I also had the high score on my team, but since I was the BIG winner i couldn't win everything, right? I won the most beautiful wreath. Mel is a floral designer and she made me this huge wreath that will last until at least Christmas! I also won a Gladys Knight Christmas CD to get me in the mood for Christmas! It was so much fun, and the ladies were so funny last night! IF you ever get the chance to play Bunko, especially with my moms group, GO! Thanks MOM for inviting me, and thanks Mel for such a GREAT girls night out!

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