Monday, June 7, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

We had our family pictures taken are a few of my favorites( she took 450 pics)! I couldnt be happier with the way they turned out! We went to a field down by Provo Airport and had some pictures taken the first of May, it was freezing cold and windy, thank heavens they turned out!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Springtime fun!

Its been a great spring so far for the Karr Family. We have had lots of fun events lately and are keeping as busy as ever. The boys are officially in daycare full time and its been an adjustment, but we are doing GREAT! Matt loves his job and my job is BUSY BUSY BUSY! We just got our new family pics taken and I cant wait to see what they look like! I will post them as soon as she email me! Heres a little glimpse of what we have been up to!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I am sitting here at work, staring out the window, thinking it must be december, disguised as April. Its spring break for all of the school districts and I am sitting here at work with not a lot to do! I work full time for a company called Kelly Educational Staffing. I have worked for them part time for nearly 5 years and am now working full time. I really LOVE my job, I work with great people and really love doing Human Resources. I am in charge of hiring all of the substitute teachers for Provo School District and for many private schools and charter schools around Utah County. Since school is out on Spring Break my week will probably be pretty quiet. I am jealous of all of the teachers and students who are vacationing in warm places, and I am stuck here in my office!

I am looking out my office window, and am confused...IS it REALLY APRIL??? So many people LOVE spring and I HATE IT!! I hate snow one day, and 70 degrees the next, its the TEASER season and I want it to go away:) I cant wait for SUN, SHORTS, Flip Flops, and Swim pools! I have summer fever so I went and purchased life jackets for my two boys, wishfully thinking that it will BLAST this gross weather out and bring in the WARMTH!! So far its not working, but in my office its a toasty 78 degrees(thanks to my space heater) and I am dreaming I am sitting on the beach getting toasted by the suns rays... ADULTS can daydream too right??

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The first ER visit!

We had an eventful night last night, Jax was jumping on Grandma and Grandpa Karrs six foot love sak, and jumped into it just right and broke his elbow!! We werent a hundred percent sure if it was broken, but when we would move it just right, he would scream like he had never screamed before. My new insurance is not accepted at any IHC facilities so we had no choice but to take him to Timpanogos hospital. After nearly three hours in the ER(they take their sweet time) they came back with the word that he has a supracondylar fracture of the left humerus. He watched Toy Story twice and he was such a trooper, the only time he really cried was when they brought the "big camera" in to take x-rays of his arm. We have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to see if his little arm may need surgery. He is so excited for the BIG band aid on his arm, and I am shocked that he has been so good! With two boys I am positive this wont be the last time we have a trip to the ER!

Thursday, March 4, 2010



I NEED HELP! Matt may have found a job, YIPEE, and if all goes as planned both of us will be working full time. I NEED to FIND CHILD CARE for my two boys. DOES anyone know any good people that provide child care. I really have no one that I know personally that babysits, everyone works. I am so nervous about finding someone to tend my boys, and I can pay, I am not looking for a Free sitter. Please send me a comment if you know of anyone who is honest and trustworthy that babysits.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, December 18, 2009


I just realized i havent updated my blog in months and figured I should give a little update on the Karr Fam!!
Life is always crazy around our house and has been REALLY crazy the past few months! Jaxson turned three in August and Logan is now 7 months (today)!! I cant believe how fast time flies! Matt unfortunately lost his job in October. Two days after he lost his job I got a call from my old job Kelly Educational Staffing to see if I could come and help fill in, what a blessing that has been for us. Our roles have switched a little he now stays home with the kids and I get to go and work. Its definitely not easy to leave them but at least I know that they are in good hands. He thankfully qualified for unemployment so we are very thankful for the way things have worked out. In October we qualified for a home but when Matt lost his job we were so thankful that we did not have a huge mortgage to worry about. Its crazy the way things work out! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and am sure that we will learn lots from the little bumps we are experiencing. Logan was diagnosed in September with a condition called Torticollis. Its a condition that develops while they are in the womb. We didnt notice it much until about 2 months and then realized he wouldnt look over his left shoulder at all, he would move his eyes but not his head. I took him to the pediatrician and they immediately referred me to a physical therapist. The condition means twisted neck and basically when he was in my belly his neck got a kink in it and his muscle on his left side didnt develop as much as it should have. He has stretching exercises he has to do, we go to physical therapy and he has to wear a neck brace. If those dont work surgery would be the next step. He is so adorable it just looks like his head is a little crooked but of all the things it could be I am so thankful that is all that it is! Jaxson adores his little brother so much! They have so much fun together and it melts my heart to see the bond they have already established. I love my kids and husband so much and its so fun to see their excitement at the little things in life and really puts things in perspective for me.

I really want to tell everyone I know how thankful I am at this time of year for my Savior and for His birth. I am so grateful for the example He is to me and my family and ask everyone to remember that HE is the reason for this wonderful holiday season! I hope all of you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy NEW YEAR!

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