Monday, August 25, 2008

B-I-N-G-O!! Was not my NAME-O!!

Hey everyone!! What a weekend we had with Landon and Suzette!! I will post pic's soon, but here's a quick little insight to some of our fun this weekend!! We took a drive to mesquite to play BINGO at the awesome Eureka hotel!(can we say ghetto?) We bought our bingo cards and sat down. I noticed as I glanced around the room that we were the youngest players by about 40 years!! NOT JOKING!! Heres a picture of the ladies bingo dopper bag behind us! They take this game serious! So I had 18 bingo cards, NOT KIDDING!! It was so much fun. Matt forgot his drivers license, so unfortunately he couldnt play so his job was to help me out with all of my cards. They start calling out the numbers and we dop the numbers with our smiley face dopper pens. We get through a couple of games and we come to the game of double bingo, which means you have to have bingo on one of your cards twice, and it CANT pass through the free space at all. ITs crazy how hard it is to keep track of 18 bingo cards, so i figured since i have Matts eyes helping me out it should all work out. They are calling the numbers out and I am one spot away from my double bingo and it doesnt pass through the free space! I knew I was going to win! Then SOMEONE yelled bingo and I didnt hear the number called. it was G-57. I glanced at my card and guess what? That was the NUMBER I NEEDED!! I glanced at MATT to make sure he was paying attention, and before I knew it the game announcer said the game was closed!(I didnt have any time to yell out BINGO) When you are playing bingo if someone yells out bingo the same time you do, you split the prize money! I was so ticked! Matt didnt hear the number either, so I LOST out on 150 bucks!! Oh well we had SOOO much fun that night! I will post some pics for everyone in a bit!!

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