Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you have the FEVER too?

Look at the finger!!
Jax's "pretend" sunglasses!

Its warming up outside finally and Jax and I have a major disease.....SPRING FEVER!!! Its finally getting to the point that we can go outside for an hour or so and play, but up until this week, we have been stuck indoors, taking lots of pictures and playing lots of monster truck games. His latest and greatest trick is the top picture...lets see how far my finger will go up my nose!!! IN fact, a couple of weeks ago we were teaching nursery and i looked over at him and his face was smeared from ear to ear with BLOOD!!! He gives himself nosebleeds, because he really jams that finger up into his brain!! Its an ongoing battle, a long with potty training , but we deal with it and have lots of fun together!! The bottom picture is Jax on superbowl sunday with his special 3D glasses on, he loves those glasses and when we go outside to play, he thinks they are sunglasses!! We cant wait for 24 more days....SPRING TO ARRIVE!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

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He's so proud of his newest ride!