Monday, August 11, 2008

Here come the ZOO-landers!!

Here's Jenny, Jax and Julie(my mother in law) on the trainThe Pugh Clan
Jax playin with Dad's Hat!
Jax measuring up to the APES!! Isnt he SOO big now!
Dad and Jax playing with the water ball at the Zoo
Uncle Ty! What an ape!!
Jax getting tired at the zoo!!
Mom and Jax checking out the monkeys!
Riding the carousel

This week was a really fun week for me and Jax! We got to go to the zoo TWICE!! I know call me Crazy, who realy goes to the zoo twice in one week. We DO! We went on thursday with Julie(Grandma Karr) and then again on Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa Pugh( Rick and Jayne), Blake and Emi and Ty and Tonya. It was SO much fun!! Jax got to see the baby giraffe, and on Thursday we got to see a tamarin monkey that was only two hours old! We also got to see a tiger swim! Who knew that tigers liked to swim! I didnt. It was a blast both days and I am pretty sure Jax got his double dose of the zoo for the week. Stay tuned for Jax's birthday pics!!

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