Monday, December 8, 2008

The Griswald Family gingerbread houses!

It was the ANNUAL Pugh family Gingerbread house building event!! We had loads of fun as usual and heres the result!! Blake and Emily, Jared and Mandy, and Matt and I all had our own houses to build. I decided to go with a traditional house this year and just make it pretty, but Matt decided that he would make a JEEP out of pretzels! He tried to bind the pretzels with Royal icing and that didnt work, so he got out the GLUE gun and he did an AMAZING job!! He was so proud of his Twisted Axle 4x4 jeep gingerbread house!! Jax just wanted to destroy everyones houses so he didnt participate too much, but we always have a great time with everyone during this tradition!! Thanks Mom and Dad for providing us with such a great NIGHT!!

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He's so proud of his newest ride!