Friday, August 8, 2008

Just call us POSH and BECKS!!

So last night Matt and I got invited to a Charity Dinner at Thanksgiving point in Lehi, UT.. I thought it would be a fun little event to go to with a few of our friends, so we put on our Sunday best and went. We arrived at the Thanksgiving point Gardens where they chartered us in golf carts down to this big immaculate tent in the middle of this beautiful garden . There were lots of people there that I didnt know, but they were all really nice, but can we say M-O-N-E-Y!!! I didnt realize it, but this fundraiser is the largest fundraiser of the year for Thanksgiving point and there were maybe 150-200 people there so that goes to show you the kind of money that was there!! We were escorted to the first tent and they had a silent auction going so you could bid on all sorts of items. People came around with AMAZING or'dervs(i think thats how you spell it). The funny part was we were the youngest couples there by fifteen to twenty years, so we put on our Posh and Becks faces and pretended that we fit right in!! It was so much fun!! People called us Sir and Miss, and they waited on us hand and foot!! After the silent auction was over they escorted us into a tent that looked like it was decorated for a celebrity wedding!! We had assigned seats and they even had amazing table favors for each guest. It was sponsored by SKULL CANDY ear phones so there was a pair of new earphones for each guest!! AWESOME!! We had an AMAZING dinner of steak and salmon and then we were able to sit and listen to an AWESOME presentation by Billy Casper the famous golfer. Then they gave away a raffle of 500 dollars (TWICE!!) and then 1000 bucks!! Thats some raffle huh!! Well i am sad to say neither of us won, but it was sure a nice night, and one we definetly wont forget anytime soon!!

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